Friday, 22 April 2011


Issue 1 due 1st May 2011

This is a Speculative Fiction webzine, hence all work must contain some element of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, etc

We are looking to purchase First Rights only

Reprints not accepted

No simultaneous submissions

So much has been done in the genre, try and push the limits as far as you can. In fact, erase the limits.
Cliches are fine if you can do something to keep them interesting
Violence, sex and language are ok if they add to the plot, but we don't want anything for shock value only
When submitting work, please state if we may archive it in The Vault

As we are designed for emerging writers, we feel it acceptable to offer comments on work we accept or deny. If you would like your work considered exactly as sent and do not wish for suggestions to change it in any manner, please let us know when submitting. Furthermore, if you would like to respond to any of our comments please do so. We want to work with you to improve both your work and ours.

1,000 - 10,000 words
Longer works will be considered for serialization. Please inquire before sending anything over 10,000 words.

Flash Fiction and Prose Poems
Up to 1,000 words
Please specify if you would like the work considered Flash or Prose

Flash Fiction will be published under stories in the May issue, we will have a seperate Flash page online for June
Prose Poems will be published under poetryLine Poetry

No hard limit on length

All formats and styles accepted

Payment At the time we are only able to offer token payment, $3 per story and $1 for flash fiction and poerty. All payments are made through PayPal. We hope to increase pay rates as the site develops a reading base.Submit up to five stories/poems at a time. Response time will always be within a week. All submissions should be sent via email, attached in doc. pages. or rtf. format to...nathan(AT)

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Beneath Ceaseless Skies
An Online Magazine ofLiterary Adventure Fantasy

Enter to win signed copies of Marie Brennan's novels Warrior and Witch
Issue #67 -- Apr. 21, 2011
Featuring cover art by Tina Marie Lane

"Dancing the Warrior, Pt. II," by Marie Brennan
Anger gave Sen cold focus, but it made Leksen crazy. She sidestepped his first wild blow and got in a solid kidney punch that made him howl; he grabbed her arm and slugged her in the stomach. Sen snarled that away and clawed his face, leaving bloody furrows down his cheek. It wasn't a Dance of any kind, but she didn't care. It was her sacrifice to the Warrior. Either he was going down, or she was.

"Memories of Her," by Greg Linklater
I take one stone hand in the other and unscrew it. Inside my hollow wrist is a padded pocket. A mantis scuttles out, tethered to me by a chain as fine as hair but stronger than anything I could name. It scurries up my arm, across my cheek, and props on the tip of my nose. “Time now,” it clicks. “You go.”

Audio Fiction Podcast 058
"Love, Resurrected," by Cat Rambo, from BCS #65
This half-life dragged at her. She felt weary all the time, a chilled-bone sluggishness of motion that belied the quickness of her thoughts. It was not painful to breathe, but it was tiring, and she began to eschew it when alone and unworried about frightening the living.

From the Archives:
"The Bone House," by James Lecky, from BCS #20 and Audio Fiction Podcast 018
I like to carve. I like to sculpt. But the ironwood trees in the forest shatter even the finest blades. Father says that the war has changed them, that the magic of the battlemages has infected the land, and I have no cause to doubt him--he has been my educator and my window on the world. Bone is easier to shape.


Cycloparalleladrine by Saxon Bullock

The Empathy Effect
The Hammer

Coming to Terms with the End of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Part I by Ro Smith


April 2011

Through the Church Window - by Steven Avila
As Martha Waits - Edward Turner III
Abigail - James C. Bassett
Emergence - A.J. Faust
Caught in a Trap - Terry Light
Lonestar - John Richard Albers
Desolation Dreaming - Sean A. Lusher
Wildman - Richard Marsden
Touch of Death - BV Lawson
From the Field - Nick Medina
Human Resources - Gregg Chapman


A Journal of Historical Fiction

Issue 4


A Penny Always Has Two Sides by Steffie Steinke

Day of Revenge by Deanna Poach