Wednesday, 23 December 2009



“The Beautiful Corridor” By Jonathan L. Howard
Kyth had penetrated every chamber of the ancient and deadly tomb… all but the beautiful corridor.

“The Good Sheriff” By David Wesley Hill
Gunslinger Charles Duke returns in a weird western. All he wanted was a way home – but first he had to barter with a sorceror, and all those gods & demons…

“The Face in the Sea” by John C. Hocking“
Look to the south,” the face in the sea shrieked. “Can you see your death approaching?”

“Naktong Flow” By Myke Cole
The Naktong river bore them inland. Everywhere the dark water carried them, the shore was laid waste.

Could a clockwork killer be haunting the road at lonely Doty Station?

“The Evil Eater” By Peadar Ó Guilín
“The Evil-Eater is hungry, Toby,” the Hurani said. “If you’re not evil, you have nothing to fear.”

She left him a final message… and a treasure he’d never hoped to find.

“The Merchant Of Loss” By Justin Stanchfield & Mikal Trimm
“What would you pay for pain, my good friends? What would you offer for misery?”

“Return of the Quill” By John R. Fultz
In the catacombs below the ancient city of Narr, the necromancer searched for the lovely ghost.

“Spider Friend” By L. Blunt Jackson
It is a terrible thing, to refuse the blessing of the Spider Goddess.

“Silk and Glass” By Sharon E. Woods
Jas wore a slave collar; was bound to obey. But she was not known as the Temptress of Saria for nothing.
The exciting conclusion to the saga of the Naturalist.


Edited by Carol Hightshoe
Featuring stories published in The Lorelei Signal & Sorcerous Signals, Mystic Signals will lead you into new realms of Magic & Imagination.
Here you will meet: A woman who gives up her immortality to learn what lies Beyond Caledonia. A dragon who learns what it means to love something other than gold. A Dryad who uses a modern weapon of destruction to preserve her grove. As well as a host of others: Fairy Tale Princesses, Healers, Shapechangers and more await within.
Our Mystic Signals exclusive stories: In Death and Need, by Laura J. Underwood, Rhiannon seeks vengeance for the deaths of her father and brother and finds herself trapped by a mage who lives off the life force of others, and a healer who must keep her alive or be forsworn of his oaths to preserve life.
In Fickle Things, by Rob Sharp, Gretchen is a foundling who has a talent for finding 'fickle things' - things from the past, future or possibly another world - but what if she is a 'fickle thing' herself?

Monday, 21 December 2009


Each issue of this popular science fiction & fantasy magazine contains over 40,000 words of fiction, articles, interviews, reviews and editorial. Published every 2 months, Andromeda Spaceways has an enviable reputation for regularity.

Love Among The Lobelias . . . Rob Shearman
Over The Rim . . . Ripley Patton
Soldiers . . . Dave Lucket
The Name Thieves . . . Laura Goodin
The Hatchling . . . Anna Kashina
Dream (TM) . . . Simon Petrie
Pinked Djinn . . . Dave Freer
Inside Job . . . Jason K Chapman
The Good, The Bad, And The Donkey . . . Alex Kearney
Celebrity Skin . . . Felicity Dowker
The Arms Of Love And Death . . . Anna Tambour
Pageant Girls . . . Caroline M Yoachim

Steak . . . Steven Saus
An Open Letter Circulated Across The Web . . . Marcie Lynn Tentchof


Realms of Fantasy is a full-sized bimonthly color magazine, dedicated to publishing the best in fantasy fiction, nonfiction, and artwork.


How Interesting: A Tiny Man
by Harlan Ellison
Mister Oak
by Leah Bobet
The Demon of Hochgarten
by Euan Harvey
by Aliette de Bodard
The Unknown God
by Annie Leckie

Thursday, 17 December 2009


December '09

Tales of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction

New fiction by

Robert E. Keller
Jannette Johnson
Nara Dakota
Erin E. Stocks
Nathaniel Johnson
Aaron J. French
Dana Richard Freeman and others


An Online Magazine ofLiterary Adventure Fantasy

Issue #32 -- Dec. 17, 2009

"High Moon ," by Kenneth Mark Hoover
We staggered on, Danny’s outstretched arms lapped over mine for support. After another hour the clotted blood around his mouth was crusted black. “Sun," he said. "Sky. Time. No time for us. Once there was, long ago. We hunted together, remember? Now all those memories are breaking like clouds across my eyes. Letting me see farther than ever before.”

"My Sister's Soul," by Erin A. Tidwell
She looked dead, as well she would be if she were anything else. Only a powerful magus could live without a soul. But even Khatereh needed the touch of her soul once in awhile; on midsummer day, as was her personal tradition, she would let it rest within her and be renewed. With her soul inside her body, she would be as vibrant and beautiful as a twenty-two year-old sister ought to be, and when it was removed she would look healthy again, for a while.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


The Quarterly Journal of Fantasy Fiction

Issue 5 features new fiction and poetry from:

Darla J. Bowen

Michael L. Drummond

Mike Phillips

Kate Runnels

P. Matthew Kimmel

C.L. Lynn

David Kopaska-Merkel & Kendall Evans

Deborah Walker

Monday, 7 December 2009


Morpheus Tales is a quarterly magazine, featuring the highest quality fiction, artwork and non-fiction.

Issue 7 Includes

The Night Clerk
By Ray Garton
Stretcher Of Faces
By Fred Venturini
By Jesse Click
Poetic Justice
By Brian Kutco
The Book Says
By Michelle Howarth
By A. David Zapata
The Hedgehog Prince
By Rhian Waller
Lucky Number
By J. David Fry
A Stone’s Throw
By K.J. Hannah Greenberg
From Behind the Tablecloth
By Nathan Wellman
Nemo And Kafka In Limbo
By Gary Inbinder
By Michael Laquerre
That Which Rises
By Chris Ewing
Moving Parts
By Louise Morgan


A weekly science fiction ezine.
Pandering Dwarves by Marshall Payne

Paranormal Activity
Heaven Book 1: Heaven

Thursday, 3 December 2009


An Online Magazine ofLiterary Adventure Fantasy

Issue #31 -- Dec. 3, 2009

"Child of Sunlight, Woman of Blood," by Tina Connolly
"Every day they march to feed my glory," said Yan to me. "They hate it—still they come. Oh, your people are equal enough now. Junglefolk, plainsfolk—they all mingle together, dally in the sheets and knife each other for coin. And every day they make sacrifice. Blood I get. Toes, ears, fingers. Lives. And all to speak."

"Kraken's Honor," by S.A. Bolich
The kraken watched us from the safety of a four-fathom gap, craning its horned head back and forth. It seemed content to wait; already the sea had claimed the remains of the Ice Queen. We, however, would freeze to death before the creature ran out of patience.