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The First Annual Absent Willow Review Short Story Contest‏
The contest is open to all unpublished works of speculative fiction (Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction). The contest deadline is May 31, 2010 with the winner to be announced on or before July 01, 2010. Cash Prizes are as follows:
1st Prize $150.00
2nd prize $75.00
3rd prize $25.00
Complete Contest Rules can be found at:


The Tears of Ishtar by Michael Ehart

From the sands and cities of the ancient middle-east comes an epic story of bloodshed, love and betrayal. Award-winning fantasy author Michael Ehart spins a tale that echoes with the blood and thunder of the golden age.

Bound by an ancient curse, serving her master in bitter unwillingness, the Servant of the Manthycore must lure the greedy, the unsuspecting and the unwary into the desert to feed the insatiable beast to whom she is bound. Centuries of combat and murder have made her a swordswoman whispered of in the marketplaces, feared in the back-alleys and sung about by the campfires of the caravans. The passing centuries of betrayal and death have stolen her humanity and even her name, leaving only a glimmer of who she once was. Her only hope is to someday meet a greater warrior than she, and so be freed.

Striding across the background of civilization in its youth, in the time of the first great heroes and the cities they built, she becomes more than a woman, and as her legend grows so does her determination to someday be free of the great beast who she serves. Goddesses, bandits, soldiers and kings fall beneath her sword as she fights her way to discover a path to freedom.

Thursday, 28 January 2010


Beneath Ceaseless Skies
An Online Magazine of
Literary Adventure Fantasy

Issue #35 -- Jan. 28, 2010

Now available in EPUB ebook file format for iPhone/iPod Touch and Sony E-Reader, in addition to PDF and Mobi PRC--all downloadable from the Issue's Table of Contents.

"Gizzard Stones," by Garth Upshaw
Grampa huddled inside, exposed in the corner. Bark and Thorn crouched next to him covering their faces. The gleaner struck—one-two—and in less time that it took to draw a breath, Grampa and Thorn were trussed and thrown over the gleaner's back like sacks of meal. Bark, the bravest of my littermates, whimpered and dodged out of sight into the yard behind the house. The gleaner stepped forward and raised its serrated front legs.

"Shatterach Gates," by Paul Daly
The warmth, then swift coldness, of piss on my legs brings me back from the rolling horror oozing over the dirt-pack towards me. Still a league distant, it is monstrous. A grotesque boil on the earth; a seething mass of tree spars and rocks that scalds the ice around it into steam. The way it moves! Questing forward, then rushing into the blackened space before it. Each thrust accompanied by boulders grinding, great snappings of century-old trunks as it heaves ahead.

Audio Fiction Podcast 030
"In the Age of Iron and Ashes," by Aliette de Bodard, from BCS #33
The girl did not answer for a while; for so long, in fact, that Yudhyana had started to move back towards the camp. When she spoke, her voice stopped him, as surely as a knife drawn across his throat. “Everything lives and dies,” she whispered. “Everything changes, and all changes end in death.”

Monday, 25 January 2010



Start Packing by Alexandra Mazarakis
Branded in Gray by Dawn Allen
Button Men by Tess Almendarez Lojacono
Cries through the Walls by Fredrick Obermeyer
Duet by Bill Beauviche
Foster Care by A. Michael Schwarz
Hero for Hire by Milo James Fowler
My Friend, the Zombie by Regina Glei
Ultimate Rose by Anna Sykora

Friday, 22 January 2010


HUB: Issue 109

Gonzo Laptop by Gareth L Powell

Reviews and Features

Clone Wars s2, eps 9-10
Heaven Book 2: Hell

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The Absent Willow Review is the world's fastest growing magazine featuring short fiction works of horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

New Fiction from:
Chris Deal
Marilyn Evans
Jeff Miller
Nancy Widrew
Lynette Mejía
and others


Issue #34 -- Jan. 14, 2010
Now available in EPUB ebook file format for iPhone/iPod Touch and Sony E-Reader, in addition to PDF and Mobi PRC--all downloadable from the Issue's Table of Contents.

"A Serpent in the Gears," by Margaret Ronald
While the Royal Society's ostensible reason for our expedition was to offer the hand of friendship and scientific inquiry to their poor isolated cousins, any idiot could see that it was also to assay whether air power could bypass the gun emplacements. Thaumic reservoirs might be useless for certain engineering methods, but that hardly made them worthless, as the Royal Society well knew.

"Bellwether," by A.C. Smart
Niddy’s pale corpse lay naked on the table. Her eyes were held shut by river-worn pebbles rather than the coins I’d placed before I left. The dress that should have graced the corpse, Niddy’s best, was on Trilla. Though it shamed me that my sister’s body was shown such dishonor before strangers, it didn’t hurt as it might have. If justice prevailed, that dress would be all the benefit Trilla’s treachery brought her.

Audio Fiction Podcast 029
"The Manufactory," by Dru Pagliassotti, from BCS #30
Harvesting the bodies meant taking a few risks, but it was easy enough for a steady man who did his research and kept himself sober, and anatomists always needed fresh bodies to dissect. And if we dug up a not-so-fresh body, well, wigmakers and dentists pay well for human hair and teeth. We’d lived well back then, Bet and me, and we'd planned to give our baby girl everything she wanted. But then the Anatomy Act passed and the demand for bodies plummeted.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Love, death and war…

The Morrigan goddess represented all three to the ancient Celts. Journey with our authors as they tell stories of love, war, hatred, revenge and mortality - each featuring the Morrigan in her many guises.

Re-visit the world of Deverry, and of Nevyn, with a previously unpublished tale by Katharine Kerr, watch the Norse gods meet their Celtic counterparts with Elaine Cunningham, meet a druid who dances for the dead with C.E. Murphy and follow the path of a Roman centurion with Anya Bast.

These are but a few offerings from the stories collection in The Phantom Queen Awakes. If you are searching for a rich blend of dark fantasy, then this is a collection perfect for you.

The Phantom Queen Awakes stories:

Rising Tide: Ruth Shelton
Kiss of the Morrigan: Anya Bast
I Guard Your Death: Lynne Lumsden
GreenGifts of the Morrigan: Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
Cairn Dancer: C. E. Murphy
Washerwoman: Jennifer Lawrence
The Raven’s Curse: Sharon Kae Reamer
Ravens: Mari Ness
The Lass from Far Away: Katharine Kerr
The Trinket: Peter Bell
The Dying Gaul: Michael Bailey
The Children of Badb Catha: James Lecky
The Plain of Pillars: L. J. Hayward
The Silver Branch: Linda Donahue
The Good and Faithful Servant: Martyn Taylor
The White Heifer of Fearchair: T. A. Moore
She Who is Becoming: Elaine Cunningham
Available February '10

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


The Chiaroscuro WebZine (ChiZine), featuring original work from today's best dark fiction authors.

Nir Yaniv: The Believers
Joe L. Murr: Tide
Alexander Patterson: Drowning

Robert Borski: Noir
Nancy O. Greene: Monsters
Ed Lynskey: Astral Cargo Cults

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An online magazine of speculative fiction.

We've received inquiries as to whether 3LBE is still an active magazine.The answer is Yes. Despite that nearly a year has gone by since our last issue, we are still publishing. We're just looking for those last few good stories to complete issue #19. So send 'em in!

Submission guidelines:

Monday, 4 January 2010


Not a magazine, or a market, more of an event, (and listed here for the purposes of public information) the long-awaited fourth novel in Charles R. Saunders magnificent Imaro series is now available from Lulu:

Warfare on a cataclysmic scale is convulsing the continent of Nyumbani from north to south. Soldiers fall. Cities burn. Blood reddens the sea. Sorcery sears the land. Deities gather in opposite dimensions, poised to unleash unimaginable cosmic power on a land already battered by the conflict between the Cushites of the north and the Naamans of the south.In the midst of this massive struggle, Imaro, warrior of the Ilyassai, wages a personal war against his nemesis, the sorcerer Bohu of Naama. This individual vendetta mirrors the larger clash between the forces of good and evil – a confrontation that threatens to tear Nyumbani apart. The destiny for which Imaro has been honed like a living weapon now lies directly before him. Imaro vs. Bohu. Cush vs. Naama. War. Magic. Blood. Fire. The losers in this wide-ranging battle for the fate of a continent face oblivion. But the winners will not emerge unscathed.

One of the most original creations in the sword and sorcery field, the Imaro novels are, quite simply, brilliant. You can order Imaro: The Naama War here:


Issue 33
Aliette de Bodard: In the Age of Iron and Ashes
The girl did not answer for a while; for so long, in fact, that Yudhyana had started to move back towards the camp. When she spoke, her voice stopped him, as surely as a knife drawn across his throat. “Everything lives and dies,” she whispered. “Everything changes, and all changes end in death.”

B. Gordon: On the Transmontane Run with the Aerial Mail Express
Willow kicked the pedal and steered to a tree leaning over the lake. Giff squealed, confused that she wasn't at the mast. Susie hopped, wanting to explore. In the scramble to disembark, unbalanced by the cargo-bag, Willow lost her footing and hung over the black water. Giff caught her jacket and swung her to the bank. Her legs trembled, or it might have been the quaking ground.

Friday, 1 January 2010


Issue 3

Our first foray into the exciting realm of mixed-tech weaponry. A tale of dragons and the men who hunt them. Yeah, we still like dragons around here — especially when they’re called wyrms.

DEAD IN THE WATER, by Joshua Wolf
We’ve resisted publishing any Arthurian tales. Until now. We think you’ll find this story an entirely original addition to British Isles lore.

A Samurai tale to rival any other — and one so good it reads like legend. Wow! Don’t miss this one.


Golden Visions Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy offers both an online and a print version- both are different, each is published quarterly.

Birth by Autumn Humphrey
Pulling Strings by Tom Sheehan
Infected by James Lecky
Brain Storm by Art Carey
Cold Shoulder by Amanda Benson
Dead in the Water by Parker Miller
Bad Teeth by Parker Miller
Easy Pickings by Bill Siderski
Seyfert by Julie Mark Cohen
Act of Aggression by Graham Debenham
The Upper Eighth by Alexander Korovessis
Vapor Lock by Charles McKelvy
Softly the Pipes Play by Susan Boulton
Once Upon a Time in the West by Stephanie King
Destined to Be by Elliot Richard Dorfman
3 AM by Gareth D Jones
A Troll Like Me by Veronica Henry
Time Share by Gustavo Bondoni
Mother Lode by Gustovo Bondoni
A Sheath for Little Blade by Billy Wong
Write Me by Carl S Barlow
The Code by Lance Young