Sunday, 30 May 2010


Issue 122

The Slaughterman
by Alasdair Stuart

Poetic Faith: Disbelief and the Geek

Magic and Desire
Doctor Who: Hungry Earth and Cold Blood (s5, eps 8 & 9)

Friday, 28 May 2010


Issue 15

by Elias Siqueiros
The Changelings
by L. Kristine Ebinger
The Deathless Ones
by James Lecky
The bell
by Anthony Liccione
The Horror at Sixteen-Five
by Ronald E. Wright
The Horseman
by Richard Eline
Lila Whispering
by D. Alexander Ward
To All That Is Lost
by Kathy Rippa
Laramie’s Travels
by Jack Faber
Her Eyes The Stars
by Matthew V. Lippart
Cloud People
by Wayne Summers
The Dinner Table
by Miguel Lopez De Leon
Promise of the Necropolis
by Edmund Siderius
It’s Rotten

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


The Bread of Ruth’s Unhappiness
by Francesca Forrest
By Dave Pickering
The Fall
By Dena Daw
by Kate Larkindale
Hope You Get Him
by Kate Vokovich
by Scott Davis
In Search of the Bearded Lady
by Olivia V. Ambrogio
Talking Heads
by Jason Muller
When the Lights Go Out
by Joseph Williams


Current issue includes:

The Red String by Noeleen Kavanagh
Diplomat's Stance by Gale Merrick

The Frozen Lakes of Saturn by Linda Manning

Under the Influence by Lisa Green

Veiled Brilliance by A.J Brown


A new anthology from Cyberwizard Productions

Goblin Lullaby by Jim C. Hines
The Neverstone by K.C. Shaw
The Worth of a Man by Lyn McConchie
The Seal of Mon' Ta' Set by Christopher Heath
An Honorable Race by Colin P. Davies
What Does Luck Taste Like? by Danny Birt
Dallas Through The Looking Glass by Ken Goldman
The Plot to Kill Claus by Clyde K. Elsie
Two Seconds Ahead by Rob Rosen
The Time Machine by Courtney Burback
Reparations by Merrie Haskell
On The Edge by Bonnie Rockwell
The Second Gift by Seth Skorkowsky
Saving the World from Sleeping in by Rachel Swirsky
Zen and the Art of Time Travel by Robert Neilson
On Camlann Field by Charles Kyffhausen
The Master of Time by James S. Dorr
After Nightfall by Jonathan Shipley
Of Fire and Time by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
The Time Traveler's Happily Ever After by Jordan Lapp


Thursday, 20 May 2010


Issues now available in the Amazon Kindle Store
"Mister Hadj’s Sunset Ride"
by Saladin Ahmed
But when Mister Hadj started in on them cowboy songs--well, as sure as I’m standing here, when that man got to crooning a tune he made the earth itself cry. This ain’t just me tale-telling, you hear? I seen tears fall from big red rocks when the old man hummed. Heard stones weep as they parted before him. So when Mister Hadj said that a stone in the road told him where to find Parson Lucifer, I didn’t doubt it.

"The Secret of Pogopolis"
by Matthew Bey
Carneby and the young woman attend the Apogee Swim, that moment at the height of The City's bound when the air is becalmed. Lifeguards watch over the citizens who swim into the great void with flippers and paddles made of cardboard and tape. The young woman is ecstatic as she ventures out above the green and blue smear of The Earth. They thrash their cardboard fins, flirting with the airy abyss which is the only respite from the numbing continuity of The City.

Audio Fiction Podcast 036
"As the Prairie Grasses Sing" by Sarah L. Edwards, from BCS #42
I knew I was not alone. Unseen things crept at the edges of my hearing, but none made any sign that they could talk to me, or that they recognized me as a friend. I began making the motions with my hands, which trembled a little. Will any of you talk to me? I asked, knowing it was futile to expect an animal to know the hand-signs that my family used to speak with me.

From the Archives:
"Hangman," by Erin Cashier, from BCS #10
The full moon let me see the train coming. It raged up the path of the old tracks but it wasn’t on them. It wove across them, ignoring their boundaries, sweeping like a snake on sand. It was a long one. It’d be full of a lot of good things--nails, cotton, wood, corn. That pleased me. Made everything a little more worthwhile, as worthwhile as dying ever got.

Monday, 17 May 2010


Issue 121

The Sea, The Sea, The Sea by Jennifer Williams

Johannes Cabal the Necromancer
13 Things That Don't Make Sense
House of Suns
Doctor Who: The Vampires of Venice and Amy's Choice (s5, eps 6&7)

Save Point


Issue 28
Features fiction from

Timothy Miller

Simon Kewin

Ian Sales

Gary Budgen.

Cover art by Daniel Bristow-Bailey.


May 2010

The Cassandra Connection
By E. S. Strout
When they removed the cancerous mass from Claire Rowland's brain, the doctors feared that she might lose memory, speech, mobility... they never imagined what she might gain.

A Lifetime of Memories
By Lester Curtis
Paul Beaman took almost everything from Lisa Willet: her money, and the memories that had made her who she was. But with the help of a friend, Lisa would make things right.

Murder at the Space Olympics
By Mike Wilson
2052 - the first Space Olympics, with new events tailored to hard vacuum and freefall conditions. Unfortunately, some things that should have stayed earthbound had tagged along into orbit.

A Lack of Power
By K. W. Ramsey
John was, to be honest, a mouse of a man, scurrying fearfully to avoid the roving gangs, tolerating his boss's abuse without complaint. But even mice have teeth and tempers...

Bleeding Metal
By John Carrick
Dr. Andrew Fox had a secret -- an unauthorized invention that gave him an edge over his competitors. The penalty, if he was discovered, would be death.

Coffee With The Last Man On Earth
By George Potter
Eric's visits were the highlight of Mary Ellen's day. He was young, and charming, and handsome, and that more than made up for his claims of being from a million years in the future.

The Ultimate Experiment
By Walt Trizna
Dr. Donald Ball had an unusual theory about the nature of one of the eleven theoretical dimensions associated with string theory. To test it, he needed a volunteer -- a dying volunteer.

The Magic of the Quooda
By J. Davidson Hero
Frizzle was a shaman and healer... but not a wizard. He would have to believe in magic to be a wizard. But he had to rely on the supposedly magical properties of quooda seeds to save his village from the monstrous gant.

Time of the Season
By Christopher Pender
The little group of college students thought they had escaped the plague that seemed to be killing whole cities. But one by one, they were dying...

The Greenhouse
By Thomas Goulding
Joseph Brooke valued the well-being of Beatrice above all else -- certainly more than he valued the lives of the women he introduced to her.

Sunday, 16 May 2010


Iron Bound Magazine is an online magazine focusing strictly on everything and anything fantasy. Tales of sword and sorcery, tales of wizards, tales of elves and orcs, tales of thieves and kings, and such are all welcomed. We are open for submissions and we take poetry, flash fiction, short stories, and columns.


May 2010

Higher Learning by Alva J. Roberts
Dust by Allison M. Dickson
At Long Last a Path to Follow by Kevin Gordon
The Chamber by Brett Joseph Talley
Emmerman and Associates by Jordan Bray
The Farrow Pit by James A. Ford
Heart Case by Jeffrey Miller
The Sea and the Sky by Kate Kelly
The Mumbler by Eric Bakutis
Safe and Secure by Rosalie Rasmussen
Cinderella Redux by Pamela J. Jessen

Monday, 10 May 2010


Darker is an ezine dedicated to dark speculative fiction.

Issue 1

The Portrait in the Pines
by Kurt Newton

Silent Scream
by Harris Whitman & Theresa Newbill

Three Dog Night
by John F.D Taff

Patient 37
by Tommy B. Smith

The Apartment's Best Feature
by Philip Roberts

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Issue 42

Sarah L. Edwards As the Prarie Grasses Sing
I knew I was not alone. Unseen things crept at the edges of my hearing, but none made any sign that they could talk to me, or that they recognized me as a friend. I began making the motions with my hands, which trembled a little. Will any of you talk to me? I asked, knowing it was futile to expect an animal to know the hand-signs that my family used to speak with me.

James Lecky And Other Such Delights
And what music he created. His sculpted notes and cascading chords—ripped from the heart of ruined, grieving PameMorturas— were sweet and somber, furious and mournful, filled with the longing of unfulfilled lives and stolen years. They spoke of things that once were and now could never be again, of the selfishness and jealousy of those who had wreaked destruction not only upon that poor city but on the future of mankind itself.


A poet and a thief must carry a magic sword that makes them alarmingly cheerful....

A god made of corn stalks haunts a woman whose heart is cut out....

A samurai investigating a ruined mansion finds a ghost of his long-dead brother....

These and other awe-inspiring stories await in The Best of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine, Year One, an anthology of fourteen stories from the first twenty-six issues of Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

The Best of BCS, Year One features such authors as Marie Brennan, Richard Parks, and 2009 Campbell Award finalists Tony Pi and Aliette de Bodard. It includes “Thieves of Silence” by Holly Phillips, named to Locus's 2009 Recommended Reading List, and “Father's Kill” by Christopher Green, winner of the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Short Story of 2009.

The Best of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine, Year One is available for only $2.99 in five different formats, including for Kindle, Sony Reader, Palm, Barnes & Noble Nook, iPhone/iPod Touch, and for any ordinary computer. Read it on your e-reader, your iPhone or Blackberry or Android, or on your laptop.

Buy The Best of BCS, Year One or download a free preview at:, in five ebook & computer formats
Amazon Kindle Store, in Kindle/Stanza format, in EPUB format
Apple's iBookstore, for iPad users (coming soon)
Sony Ebook Store (coming soon)

All proceeds from the sale of The Best of BCS, Year One go to pay BCS authors and artists for their work. Buy a copy to read great literary adventure fantasy and support Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Table of Contents

The Sword of Loving Kindness · Chris Willrich
Architectural Constants · Yoon Ha Lee
Silk and Shadow · Tony Pi
Driftwood · Marie Brennan
Unrest · Grace Seybold
Dragon’s-Eyes · Margaret Ronald
Kreisler’s Automata · Matthew David Surridge
The Alchemist’s Feather · Erin Cashier
The Mansion of Bones · Richard Parks
The Mathematics of Faith · Jonathan Wood
Blighted Heart · Aliette de Bodard
The Tinyman and Caroline · Sarah L. Edwards
Father’s Kill · Christopher Green
Thieves of Silence · Holly Phillips

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


BIG PULP is an internet magazine featuring a wide range of pulp fiction and genre artwork. Our definition of genre fiction is very broad, running the gamut from literary fiction and experimental poetry to locked room mysteries, sword and sorcery, and space opera.

Our ideal is the newstand of the Golden Age of pulp and popular fiction, where lucky readers could find literally dozens of magazines catering to all manner of interests and tastes. Instead of publishing only one kind of story, we hope to recreate the feel of those fantastic newstands, where science fiction stood shoulder to shoulder with jungle adventure, and romance vied with true crime for the hearts of readers.

BIG PULP publishes new work every week on Mondays and Wednesdays.



In which Wyatt, in the absence of his monster-hunting partner Zane, must end a centuries-old curse and slay a fiend, and prove to a bar-wench that he is who he is.

While on a fishing trip cousins Ben and Sam encounter a beautiful dragon that's vaguely familiar and extremely clever.

Mullen threw up his arms in disbelief. "Not the giant again, Lass! Didn't you learn your lesson last time? Don't you understand that the giant can't be killed?"

Honey finds herself trapped into being a judge for a medieval talent contest.


“Little profit will you have from your slayings, Odd and Asmund. And you too Ulf will drink full of the cup of bitterness. Wind and wave will hound you. What you win will only cause you greater loss.” - thus spoke the witch Sylgja.

Condemned to fight the same battle for eternity - but will a group of unlikely allies finally release them from their torment as they stand together on a battleground both in the past and the present.

Selling cigarettes door-to-door throughout the seven realms can be thankless sometimes. Or all the time. But a goblin's got to eat, or at least drink heavily. And while Scrote would love a thanks for offering deals humans can't afford to say no to, he'd settle for getting out of this one alive.

MYSTIC SIGNALS - exclusive story
Nor Any Drop - James C. Bassett
A sorceress finds she must relearn what true magic is when she loses the power she has been stealing for many years.


New Fiction and Poetry

by Jonathan Garner
Is it a mere stain, or a doorway into a void where only darkness exists?

by WC Roberts
They foreclosed on the old place and I bought it to flip when the market improved but my transparent squatter won't be evicted.

by Joshua Gage
Her hands cannot return empty.
by Joseph M. Gant

by Will Endres, Jr.
There's no telling how far the IRS is willing to go to audit someone.
by Joshua E. Smith
What makes you so special to come my way - and receive such a welcome?

Monday, 3 May 2010


May 2010

Glory Of The Empire...
Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Dead Girls- Episode 4...
Richard Calder

Inner Space...
Clark Nida

Shoes For The Journey...
Aaron Poulson

James Johnson

Life's A Grind...
Mathew Wimmer

Spare Change ...
Jay Eales

Jeremiah Levin

Atlantean God - Part 1...
Luke Cooper

Strict Machine...
Matthew Spaul

Warm August Tequila...
Jeff Crook

Techno Thriller Romance...
Eddie Jeffrey

Bill Moore

Depth Charge...
Matt Wallace

Interview with Steve Upham

Interview with Nicholas Dishington


Issue 120

Imperforate by Trudi Topham

Interview - Paul Cornell
Interview - Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Aaron Johnson

The City and the City
The Leaping
Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone (s5, ep5)